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艺术品规格:大颗元代天珠长度: 5.5cm 。小颗清代火供天珠(18颗)每颗长度:3cm。 总重:103g



Date: 11 August 2018Art name: TianzhuArt price: over $900,000Art category: miscellaneousArt specifications: Large: Yuan Dynasty Tianzhu diameter 5.2 cm small: diameter 3cm total weight: 103gArt auction site: grand opening at Singapore Starland InternationalArt Exhibition: Global Pre-exhibition of Hong Kong's Sotheby's Art Space Exhibition


Tianzhu is a kind of jewelry produced in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and is also known as the Tibetan Tianzhu. The word Tianzhu is the translation of God, and Tianzhu Tibetan is transliterated as dzi(Ze), which means solemn, rich, powerful, Noble, and elegant. The celestial beads are ornaments worn by the gods. Whenever the beads are damaged or slightly damaged, the gods throw them off the fossils of the creatures. The Tibetan ancestors believed that the celestial beads were supernatural objects created by God and were naturally generated or descended from heaven. If anyone says crafts, they will strongly oppose them. Asked where many Tibetans came from, they told the same ancient myth: In ancient times, the celestial beads were ornaments worn by gods. Whenever the beads were damaged or slightly damaged, the gods threw them away the fossils of the creatures. It is in the same era as Nautilus and trilobites. Some people have presented evidence that Tianzhu fossils have been seen in the area of the Himalayas and the fossil mountains in the northern Tibetan no man's land. The story of the people said: There was once a man who saw such a worm on the top of the mountain. He used his hat to attack it and cover it. By the time he removed his hat, the worm had petrified into a bead. In his article "Prehistoric Beads of Tibet," Dr. Wokeweici described a legend in the Ali region of Western Tibet. It is believed that on a hill near Qiyuanyuruduoke, it meets a rainy day and the beads stream down the slope. However, one day, a witch stared at the mountain with "evil eyes," and Tianzhu immediately stopped flowing. Until today, the distinctive, black-and-white stripes can also be seen in the place where the Tianzhu continues to flow.

元代九眼天珠一串(五眼天珠寓意功效及佩戴) 第1张


Historical records show that during the 15th year of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty(641 AD), when Princess Wencheng married Tubo Songtsan Gambo, she carried a 12-year-old figure of Sakyamuni presented by India to Datang to Tibet(now enshrined in Tibet). In the Sakyamuni Temple in the Zhaozhao Temple in Lhasa), The Buddha's crown is inlaid with bottle Tianzhu, Tiger tooth Tianzhu, nine eyes Tianzhu, and two eyes and three eyes Tianzhu. Therefore, Tianzhu has become a rare treasure of the royal royal family. Natural Tianzhu refers to the use of pure natural materials only polished Tianzhu, one is the Tianzhu made of conch fossils, called the Tianzhu; The other is the Tianzhu, which is made of nine stone shale with jade and Agate components. It is called Tianyan Tianzhu, also known as Jiuyishi Shale Tianzhu. The "nine" of the nine-eyed Tianzhu also symbolizes the realm of unpredictability, impossibility, and infinity. The inner structure of the Tianzhu has the intense magnetic field energy of the natural universe. According to Japanese studies, three or four thousand years ago, the meteorite of Mars crashed into the Himalayan mountains, causing the Tianzhu original mine to attack fourteen kinds of Mars and elements under intense impact, especially the energy of the magnetic field of ytterbium, which constitutes Tianzhu. There is an incredible induction, It is also in line with the Tibetan saying that Tianzhu is a "falling stone."

元代九眼天珠一串(五眼天珠寓意功效及佩戴) 第2张










Tianzhu has an incredible strong positive magnetic field energy, which can increase the human body's immunity, promote blood circulation, air flow, and open up the meridians. This is enough to make people energetic and energetic, and naturally has the effect of preventing high blood pressure. It helps people who are busy working and don't have time for exercise.1, sleep time significantly reduced, sleep soundly, for insomnia has also significantly improved.2, mental physical strength significantly improved and strengthened.3, for chronic diseases such as soreness, hypertension, and heart disease, it can produce inhibition, balance, and physiotherapy.4, can adjust the human body's magnetic field, enhance the human body's blood-gas circulation, so that the human body to get abnormal comfort, increase the body's original resistance.5, improve interpersonal relations, everything self-confidence, business smooth.6, with the individual's magnetic field, physical induction changes, if there is texture regeneration, it means that the body's magnetic field has improved.7, can remove the evil words and curses imposed on themselves.8, promote physical and mental harmony, inspire the sense of wisdom, and then improve people's heart, will help the practitioner guide the heart into the realm of sadness and wisdom.

元代九眼天珠一串(五眼天珠寓意功效及佩戴) 第3张


There are three reasons why Tianzhu is valuable: beauty, scarcity, and public recognition. "Tianzhu has at least 100 times more room for appreciation in the future. Compared with jade and diamonds, the number of Tianzhu is less than 100 times; Secondly, Tianzhu has gradually increased its popularity in recent years and has already had a certain degree of recognition in the public. Third, the person sees the person sees the person, the various totems of Tianzhu also brought the feeling of beauty. "The natural existence of Tibetan Tianzhu is very rare, and it has non-replicable and non-renewable characteristics. With the increasing number of promoters and collectors in recent years, it has caused extremely unbalanced supply and demand. The Tianzhu Tibetans believe that" really Only old, The fake ones are all new. " Tibetan to pure celestial beads only appeared in one era, and there was research in the Tang Dynasty. According to the records in the scriptures, there are a total of about 100,000 Tianzhu. Due to burial, drug use, and loss, there are only tens of thousands of existing objects, and the complete Tianzhu is only about 20,000, which is doomed. It can only be owned by small people.

元代九眼天珠一串(五眼天珠寓意功效及佩戴) 第4张


Detailed specifications of the collection in the article:


In the Yuan Dynasty, the black and white nine-eyed pillar was 55 mm long, 15 mm in diameter, weighing 19 g, two holes, an aperture of 6,5 mm, and a middle aperture of about 2 mm. The Pearl body has cinnabar spots and weathering patterns. Nine eyes collect nine advantages. The growth of compassion, the prominence of authority, the greatness of achievement. Nine-eyed Tianzhu is the most precious of Tianzhu and the best of Tianzhu. This bead is a long cylindrical, bamboo sand group, bright color, strong sense of layers, like a bright sky, the Yuan Dynasty has a history of more than 700 years.


In the Qing Dynasty, there were 18 small fires for Tianzhu, which had individual cinnabar points, a length of 30mm, a diameter of 10mm, two holes, a hole of 4mm, a medium aperture of about 2mm, and a weight of about 70g. The fire supply lines are clear, and it can be seen that the horseshoe phosphorus and other shrinkage lines. The Tianzhu bag is thick.


This string of Tianzhu was supplied by 18 Qing dynasty fire beads(including three in the third line, two in the Buddha's million words, three in the bottle, two in the lightning five eyes, two in the heaven and earth beads, one in the four eyes, and one in the five eyes. Two eyes, one Tiger tooth, Nine eyes and one pure black and white nine eyes composed of 19 heavenly beads, the quality is intact, the pulp is old and thick, very rare.


Today, pure Tianzhu has been loved by people around the world and has become a body protection, practice, healthy jewelry, and even become a symbol of status wealth. Under the strong praise of the beneficiaries, people realize that Tianzhu is an extremely precious and rare treasure that can avoid evil, stabilize blood pressure, enhance internal gas, and absorb the sun, the moon, and the earth's aura. Bless those who hold the pure beads to obtain unexpected blessings, auspicious and complete. The pure Tianzhu is the most ideal and valuable amulet, and it is also the best Holy product for the Buddha. It is worth collecting and supporting, and it will be handed down forever.



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